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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


3.5x2.5 ATC Card
Water World City

It's summer vacation and I am off to see new things.
Hope you all have a great summer.

Saturday, July 5, 2014



It seems as though I live in a merry go round of organization.  When I retired I began to go through the literally thousands of photographs that I have taken throughout my life. I began by labeling and reattaching old photos from my childhood and transferring many to a digital format. 

 I could not resist making a few photo scrapbook pages along the way. This one is my first home.

After that project, which is almost finished, I began art journaling. Through browsing other art sites, I was amazed to find people who were making fantastic paintings on a 2.5x3.5 playing card format.  This challenge became my current "obsession" which is ATC (artists trading cards) and ACEO (artists collectible editions original) cards. 

 I have a lot of old art pieces to store...or to destroy.  Some were not worth saving and were filed in file 13, known currently as the recycling bin.  Some were kept intact, and some were cut apart and the best parts were reassembled into new ACT cards.  This is fun because it combines my original paintings with the happy art of collage.  Some of the toys I remember from childhood are my picture puzzles and collage is like making your own puzzle and puzzle pieces.

I was rather pleased with some of them. 

                  The original                          The first ATC card                    The second ATC card               

This was another successful transformation.

This themed piece became                                                            ... this ATC

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Saturday, June 28, 2014



I finished up a few ATC cards that had been promised to ATC traders.  This one is Matt Smith who plays the eleventh doctor from the Dr. Who series.  

And this one, which I was thrilled to do because it seems like it has been forever since I have drawn an animal, is a ring tailed lemur.  Such a cute little critter and such fun to paint.


Week three of the Summer of Color.  Once again I made an ATC 2.5x3.5 from a photo that I took at the beach of my daughters Golden Doodle.  That's a mix of Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever.  

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Friday, June 20, 2014



OK it's not July yet.  I guess teal is a good substitute for the good old patriotic blue of  the "red, white and blue"  -
Oops, is it orange?  My bad. Actually it is coral.

I call this one "But You're Blue Too"
2.5x3.5 ATC card.

The colors for week one were 
turquoise,  yellow and a touch of pink.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014



I am late to enter this event because I have just found it at Twinkle, TwinkleI had so much fun last summer when I joined a color a week event that I had to join this one too.  I am so glad I am only one week behind.  

The colors for week one were turquoise, yellow and a touch of pink.  This piece is done digitally cause I needed to do it quick.



One of the artists that I trade with on the web site, Artists Trading Cards, is a fan of the BBC series Sherlock Holmes and the actor who portrays Holmes,  Benedict Cumberbach.  I made these two cards for her.  This one is sort of a caricature of Mr. Cumberbach as Serlock Holmes.
The other card is
Mr Cumberbach in the role of Julian Assagne, the controversial  editor-in-chief and spokesman for WikiLeaks, in the movie "The Fifth Estate".

It seems that lately portraits have dominated my artistic endeavors. While making portraits in trading card size is very satisfactory, when they turn out well, they are work.
 I need to have some FUN!  I went through some of my old "stuff" and picked out some pieces that I thought were not worthy of saving.  I cut out the good parts and assembled them along with a magazine cut out into this zetti like card that I called "Bam, Pow".  That was fun!

And some more fun. The husband and I went on a mini vacation to the lovely old southern city of New Orleans, otherwise known as N'Awlens or Naw-Lens.
 We got there late, took a buggy ride, rode the steam boat Nachez, had some great goodies to eat and drink and met a wonderful couple from Scotland.   Great fun.

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Saturday, June 7, 2014


I am still making ATC cards, some for trade and some which I do not think I can part with.

I made this one from a photo.  Most photos of Marilyn Monroe portray her with a big seductive smile.  The one I used for this 2.5x3.5 watercolor, Copic pen and colored pencil painting was different.  We know her tragic end which would indicate that her life was not all glamor and smiles and in this photo there was just a hint of sadness.
I am not ready to part with this one.

Does anyone watch Dr. Who? If you do I hope you recognize this girl.  I never watched the show even when all my dorm mates were clustered around the TV watching the show back, back when I was in collage.  I entered a "swap" group where each member had to make a card based on the chosen theme each of the other members. One of the members chose Dr. Who so knowing nothing about the series, I had to do some research.  While doing so I became a fan and am now catching up on past episodes.  This is Rose Tyler, the Doctor's companion in space adventure appearing in the 2005 and 2006 seasons that I have begun watching.

This one has been traded. It began as a sketch of a doll that I had photographed.  One of the members of my ATC group saw the sketch and thought it looked like her little girl.  I made a few changes and added the glasses and made a trade with her.  She thought it was a great likeness although her daughter said that she would never wear a dress like that.  

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