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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Tiny little cat tracks on someones journal many years ago

Art Every Day 
As usual when I am working at my desk, what is on my desk are my little furry critters.  That is Gizzymoto in the box and sleek black Desdemona. Placing the box with a catnip scented blanket has helped to prevent them from sitting right in the middle where I need to work.  Do any of you have that problem?  It  seems to be a very old problem for humans...http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/03/130326-animals-medieval-manuscript-books-cats-history/

Art Every Day #16 and 17
The first thing that I made this week were a couple of portraits that I had promised to do way back right before I broke my right wrist while on vacation in August.  She wanted a caricature as well as a more realistic one. I do enjoy making portraits of friends and relatives but for fun, the more freedom in one's creations, the better.


So next I made one more snowman for my snowman themed swap and a couple of "dream dolls" for a swap inspired by Ady Almanza. http://www.pinterest.com/jemica/muse-adriana-almanza/

I am sure there are some of you out there who are locked in by really bad winter weather.  Stay warm folks, and keep on painting, drawing, writing or crafting.
#19 and 20

Sunday, November 16, 2014


For the past couple of weeks, I have been focusing on portraits using my oil pastels.  This brings to mind a question.

If one makes a colored work using colored pencils or oil pastels or traditional pastels, what do you call it?  A drawing indicates to me an image that is not colored or done before color is added.  Is there another term to use?  Any suggestions? 

#12   Duck Duck Goose  

 I have had one set of oil pastels called Cra-pas  for a really long time but have not used them very much.  Recently I purchased a set of Pentel oil pastels.  I made one whimsical painting of a duck with them and then did not use them again right away. 

I have always wanted to draw or paint Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring. I had a sheet of paper that I had painted using a gelli pad and I wanted to use it as a background.  I decided to give the oil pastels a try for this project and was so pleased with the result that I made a series of several more portraits. That middle one is my grand daughter.  So cute.

But I also love making magazine collage.  I have entered several  ATC swaps. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, a swap is a blind trade of any sort of artistic creation usually made to a given theme.  The pieces that one makes are then sent to the coordinator of the swap who then trades them out to the various participants.  Therefore you do not know what  you will receive in trade. It's always a fun surprise.  One swap that I joined is a snowman theme for 2.5 x 3.5 ATC cards. 

 # 13   Professor Snow
 Meet Professor Snow.  
The background was found in a magazine as well as the Professor's hat, face, bow  earmuffs and cane. The body is made of a page of print covered with gesso.  His buttons, the snowflakes and the pine tree are hand drawn.
Another snowman card I made today is Steampunk Snow Creature.  I really don't know about this one.  His hand gestures seem to indicate he is reading my mind. "No, no!  Please don't throw me away!"  He is really kind of creepy.

# 14  Steampunk Snow Creature

Another of my swaps is themed Alice in Wonderland.  This one turned out better than the Snow punk creature.  I must replace that writing though.  I envy those who can write on their art work and make it look nice.   When I try it always 
 ruins an otherwise decent piece. 

# 15 Go Ask Alice


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Creative Every Day
So this is what I have been working on this week.  Continuing with my portrait series, using a classic painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds as inspiration I made this one that I call Girl with Freckles.

Number 9

Another Snow Queen
Snow Queen 3

Number 10


Working in a series is supposed to be a good thing.  It does help to perfect a certain style or skill, so yes it is good but sometimes one gets the urge to jump out of it and do something different. 
Number 11
Snow Queen 4
... cartooney but still using the same materials

Or even something 
very silly.

Suncat Fish
Number 12

Thanks for looking.

And my work desk looks just about the same.

Friday, November 7, 2014


Creative Every Day http://creativeeveryday.com/creativeeveryday/2014/11/art-every-day-month-day-7-2.htm 
 is challenging artists to make some piece of art every day for a month.

         Number six was for yesterday.  I call this one  "Little Gypsy"                                                           

Number seven is my version of Vermeer's beautiful "Girl With a Pearl Earring"


For number eight, which puts me one day ahead, is one that I  started a while back and just finished. 
"Little Manx Cat".

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This is my best, or my worst, critic.  Little Gizzy is closely contemplating the latest pieces that I have made.  I have been gone for several days so there is not very much to see on my desk.   

I spent a fun Halloween weekend with my grand kids.  The street where my daughter and her family live is a lively place at Halloween. It is like a block party.  Everyone decorates and dresses up in costume and the kids from all around come to trick or treat.  So much fun. 

This is my grand daughter dressed as Super Cute Kitty in a power girl pose.  Her little brother is dressed as Iron Man and I have no idea what that kind of pose that is. Four year old boy constant motion machine pose I guess.

It was a great week end in spite of some drizzly weather.  All day after I returned home, I suffered from "lag".  Jet lag, time zone change lag, day light savings time change lag, climate change lag (it was 40 in New York and 80 in Houston),  all day Tuesday I "lagged".  

We followed the sunset most of the way south. There were some really beautiful sunset views from the air plane window.  

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Everyday  http://creativeeveryday.com/creativeeveryday/2014/11/art-every-day-month-day-4-2.html 


I don't want to rush the season but I have been a bit fascinated with painting snow lately or at least spattering white paint so that it looks like snow. My snow cards all started with this one which then evolved into this one.

The leaf reminded me of an evergreen tree.  I cut a white bird and glued it in front of the leaf print and added more snow.

I had a request for a snow queen.  Thus I made a series of Snow Queens. This is my first one. 

 The one below is my second snow queen and can anyone deny that Snow White is at least a princess caught in the snow while hiding from the evil queen, a future snow queen. A future snow queen.


I have been away until today so I am playing catchup.  These are the last four ATC cards that I made before I flew away to spend Halloween with my grand kids. 
FYI  I flew by plane, not broom.
Yuk, Yuk.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


ATC Submission
I am submitting two styles which I use.
 Portraits of friends and characters 
and then a more whimsical series.
They are all mixed media using watercolor, gouache,
 Prismacolor pencils, gel pen and Copic markers.

Portrait Series
All are ATC size



Dr Who

Two Little Girls

The Scarf

Little Girl and Her Dog

Big Sister and Her Dog
A Friend's Daughter

Fantasy Series
All are ATC size except for Azula
which is an index card.


Sir Purr

Computer Nerd

Carousel Horse, War Pony

Carousel Horse - Hippocampus
Azula - Index Card Size
Thank you for your time and consideration.