Monday, February 29, 2016

29 Faces for Februay



The challenge for February was to draw, paint or whatever 29 faces.  So I fudged a little. Not all of
mine are human but there are 29 Faces for February 
             1. Wildflower, Version 1 
2. Wildflower, Version 2
3. Wildflower, Version 3
4. Mama Cactus  
5. Big Sister Cactus
6. Little Sister Cactus
7. Bubba
    Mama Cactus and Her Pups
8 and 9.  Me and My Cousin,3 .5x2.5

These were all done using my own photos
10. The Smile
11. Luca
12. Flute Player
13. There's a Bluebird On
           My Shoulder
15. Flower Girl
16. Mermaid
17. Hubby
18. Boy With a Crooked Bow Tie

Online references were used for numbers #10, 11, 16, and 18. They were drawn for my own use, and not for sale.

19. Island Girl
20. Side Eye Guy
21.  Pout
22. Girl in a Scarf
23. Cat Face
24. Youth
25. Age
    This is My Cat
26. Rock Fan

Online references were used for numbers #19, 21,22. 23 and 24.  They were drawn for my own use, and not for sale.

My last four faces were done with ball point pens and/or gel pens. I love drawing and painting with ball point pens but doing fair flesh tones with them maybe impossible. The "Rock Fan" has an extremely pink complexion. I felt it needed blending which I accomplished by using a flesh colored oil pastel.
Rock Fan  photo courtesy  Anne McClay
#27 Turban (magazine photo reference)

#28 Tears
#29 Blue Eyes (magazine photo reference)

A great challenge which kept me working and practicing my faces.  I do wish I had tried more masculine faces though.  They are the real challenge.  

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Friday, February 26, 2016


#20 Island Girl

Practice, practice, practice. Oh how I hated those words when I was eight and taking piano lessons.  I recently read a blog about the importance of practicing our drawing and painting skills.  The
writer compared drawing practice to exercise for muscle tone and strength.  I will try to make sketching a part of my daily routine. My habit is to spend a lot of time on a piece rather than doing a quick sketch. The 29 Faces Challenge is perfect to encourage some quick sketches of faces.

For these faces, I referred to photos from magazines and Google images (these are only practice drawings and are for commercial use). I preferred using photos with strong shadows or dramatic light and dark  areas using the shadows to create the features.  My materials were an Eberhard/Faber Ebony Black pencil and a pencil eraser on white copy paper.   The photos of my drawings make it look like I used more than one kind of paper, but no.  It's just what happens when I photograph the white paper.  It must be the quality of light.  

#21 Pout
#22 Guy With a Side Eye

#23 and #24  Girl and Cat

 I did spend more time and shading effort on this drawing. The girl is supposed to be about five years old but I just could not make her look that young.  She looks more like a teenager.  So I tried again without the cat. 

#24 Youth

#25 Age

She is still not as child like as I would like but it is a little better. 

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Friday, February 19, 2016

I've Got No Style

  Realism?  Stylized?  Abstract?  Whatever.
 Have you heard that an artist must have an identifiable style?.  One that a viewer or customer will recognize immediately.  I have found that difficult to achieve.  Often the material will dictate my style and  sometimes the subject will influence the style. 

Face number 13 for my 29 Faces  in Feb. which I call "Is There a Bluebird on My Shoulder", was done mostly in acrylic. I used colored pencil to blend and shade the face and collage for the background pattern.  I did not use a reference photo for this piece so the features are not exactly perfect.  What would you call this style? 

I did use a photo to draw the next face and I think the features are much better.  But what is all that stuff around her, and that hair! What is that all about?  Actually this was a challenge from Gypseefire's Weekly Art Challenge  

 Artists are to create a painting that includes images of at least three of 14 assigned words. I wanted to see how many of the 14 words I could  incorporate in my painting. Trying to fit my work into as many challenges as possible, I also wanted to include a portrait.  This will be number 14  for my 29 Faces  in Feb. 2916.   I also managed to include 10 of the 14 words.  Tah dah!  But what would you call this style?
So to make more portraits for the 29 Faces challenge, number 15 and 16 were fairly quickly done whereas #14 took two days of intermittent work.  You know how it goes, time out for dinner, laundry, grocery shopping blah, blah, blah.  These two are drawn with pencil and accented with ink and watercolor.  I would call them realism with a touch of fantasy.

#15 "Flower Girl"

#16 "Mermaid"

#17 "Young Man With a Crooked Bow Tie"
 For #17, I drew with Papermate mechanical pencil on carpenter paper.  My reference was an old photo of a family group.  There were not many shades of shadow.  Basically there was light, med and dark.  It was almost like drawing a silouhouette. 

#18 "Hubby"

  Number 18 is definately a cartoon, another one of my "I've Got No Style" drawings. 
 I have been turned down a couple of times for juried sites for lack of consistency. I thought it meant that my work showed inconsistency of proficiency.  I had to do some research before I learned that gallery curators and art jurors look for a consistency of style in an artist's work.  This was a surprise since I thought a variety of style in ones' work would display a variety of artistic strengths.  Not necessarily so.  We live and learn.

Be sure to check out the sites mentioned in my post for some great art work.  Some other great art sites are 
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I will be there and so will many other dedicated
 art enthusiasts. 

Friday, February 12, 2016


Me and My Cuz

Kids, You can talk and talk til your face is blue.
Kids, but they still do just what they want to do.
Why can't they be like we were, perfect in every way. 
Oh what's the matter with kids today? 

Words of a verse from the song "Kids'
from  the musical Bye Bye Birdie.  

Playing again this week with faces for 29 Faces in February.
 I hope everyone is having as much fun with their month long challenge as I am.

 I drew Me and My Cuz using a Bic mechanical pencil on a small piece of 3.5 x 2.5" stained illustration board with an old family photo as my source.  My little cousin and I are both a bit older now, and we were of course perfect kids.  I am the grinning one with the curly hair.  The sun was in our eyes.  Photo rules way back when were that the sun must always be to the photographers back.  Thus the subjects were always grimacing.

My grand children visited last summer.  I bought a toy flute for them to play with.  However, the repeated toots drove us to sending them outside to play it.  I wanted to draw my grandson from a photo that I took but no matter how much I tweaked and corrected my drawing it never looked like him.  So it is just an imaginary little boy, "The Piper".  I am working in mechanical pencil with accents of color for this series.  This one is pencil with watercolor and colored pencil accents.


The eyes have it.  I found a couple of photos that really spoke to me.   The little girl had really striking blue eyes and an absolutely  fantastic smile.   I drew her in  pencil with watercolor and collage.  The little boy has such a serious expression, so opposite from the little girl.  Great expressions which I tried to reproduce with justice.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Mama Cactus and a Mystery


This week, I tied to combine two challenges in one piece of artwork.  Lazy?  Maybe but I work slowly and having just moved into a new house there are many other decorating projects to occupy my time.  Oh yes, and here in the south, spring is coming and planting to be done.  This place really needs some flowers for color.

But back to the subject at hand. Gypseefire's Weekly Challenge  posted a word challenge that was just too tempting to ignore.  From a list of words, the artist was to choose three or four of the words and create a piece of artwork incorporating those words.  I chose yellow, door, cactus and three.

  I immediately got the idea for my painting from this photo of a pot of my cacti.  Here was my mama cactus and her many little pups, but I just needed three. 

And here she is.  Lovely mother looking adoringly at her three little pups.  Aren't they sweet?  This painting was done with watercolor and acrylic on low texture watercolor paper.  Some of the shading and details were done with colored pencil. Using the pencils give the face a softer look.


In a totally different mood is number 4 for 29 Faces in February.  "Mystery" was all I could think of to call it.  I also used watercolor and acrylic for this one but I chose not to blend her face with colored pencil as I did on the other piece. 

So, there are four faces in "Mama Cactus" which can be faces number 5,6,7 and 8.  I will try to do as many faces as I can, but if I fall behind and do not make the 29, the little cactus baby cactus faces can make up the difference.  Right?

Thanks for viewing and check out 29 Faces in February and Gypsyseefire's Weekly Challenge for more great art.

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