29 Faces for Februay



The challenge for February was to draw, paint or whatever 29 faces.  So I fudged a little. Not all of
mine are human but there are 29 Faces for February http://29faces.blogspot.com/p/feb-2016.html 
             1. Wildflower, Version 1 
2. Wildflower, Version 2
3. Wildflower, Version 3
4. Mama Cactus  
5. Big Sister Cactus
6. Little Sister Cactus
7. Bubba
    Mama Cactus and Her Pups
8 and 9.  Me and My Cousin,3 .5x2.5

These were all done using my own photos
10. The Smile
11. Luca
12. Flute Player
13. There's a Bluebird On
           My Shoulder
15. Flower Girl
16. Mermaid
17. Hubby
18. Boy With a Crooked Bow Tie

Online references were used for numbers #10, 11, 16, and 18. They were drawn for my own use, and not for sale.

19. Island Girl
20. Side Eye Guy
21.  Pout
22. Girl in a Scarf
23. Cat Face
24. Youth
25. Age
    This is My Cat
26. Rock Fan

Online references were used for numbers #19, 21,22. 23 and 24.  They were drawn for my own use, and not for sale.

My last four faces were done with ball point pens and/or gel pens. I love drawing and painting with ball point pens but doing fair flesh tones with them maybe impossible. The "Rock Fan" has an extremely pink complexion. I felt it needed blending which I accomplished by using a flesh colored oil pastel.
Rock Fan  photo courtesy  Anne McClay
#27 Turban (magazine photo reference)

#28 Tears
#29 Blue Eyes (magazine photo reference)

A great challenge which kept me working and practicing my faces.  I do wish I had tried more masculine faces though.  They are the real challenge.  

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  1. Love your faces! I especially like Bow With a Crooked Bow Tie--he seems to be from another era. Love. Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. I was so inspired and amazed with your 29 faces. I loved doing the challenge.

  3. Such wonderful expressive faces!
    I'm visiting via Creative Everyday.

  4. Your faces are great. Such fun. I agree they don't all need to be human :) I only found the challenge this year and loving it.


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