Mama Cactus and a Mystery


This week, I tied to combine two challenges in one piece of artwork.  Lazy?  Maybe but I work slowly and having just moved into a new house there are many other decorating projects to occupy my time.  Oh yes, and here in the south, spring is coming and planting to be done.  This place really needs some flowers for color.

But back to the subject at hand. Gypseefire's Weekly Challenge  posted a word challenge that was just too tempting to ignore.  From a list of words, the artist was to choose three or four of the words and create a piece of artwork incorporating those words.  I chose yellow, door, cactus and three.

  I immediately got the idea for my painting from this photo of a pot of my cacti.  Here was my mama cactus and her many little pups, but I just needed three. 

And here she is.  Lovely mother looking adoringly at her three little pups.  Aren't they sweet?  This painting was done with watercolor and acrylic on low texture watercolor paper.  Some of the shading and details were done with colored pencil. Using the pencils give the face a softer look.


In a totally different mood is number 4 for 29 Faces in February.  "Mystery" was all I could think of to call it.  I also used watercolor and acrylic for this one but I chose not to blend her face with colored pencil as I did on the other piece. 

So, there are four faces in "Mama Cactus" which can be faces number 5,6,7 and 8.  I will try to do as many faces as I can, but if I fall behind and do not make the 29, the little cactus baby cactus faces can make up the difference.  Right?

Thanks for viewing and check out 29 Faces in February and Gypsyseefire's Weekly Challenge for more great art.

Another great site to see great art is Paint Party Friday

Check it out!


  1. Beautiful work. Happy PPF, Valerie

  2. Oh I love the whimsy and fun of the mom and her adorable...lovely mystery painting too!! Love how you found your inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. What an original artwork, I'll look at cactuses and their babies in a different light now, they look like a happy family. How clever to include the four words too.
    Your mystery face is so different but also beautiful.

    1. I appreciate your comments Sheila.

  4. I love the kind looking mom and wild "children". Other painting is impressive.
    Happy weekend ♥

  5. These are so pretty. I love the cactus people.

  6. Such cute cactus people! So bright and happy. xo

  7. Love the way your mind works...great imagination and artwork!

  8. Great idea ... love your mama/baby cactus faces!!

  9. love your artwork, it is beautiful!

  10. Mama Cactus is just adorable, I love those pure and bright colors.

    Mystery is touching, it awakes somehow sad feelings in me.


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