Sunday, March 20, 2016

Texas Spring

Spring is bustin' out all over!

I am loving spring in my backyard this year.  

There is a small grapefruit tree in my yard that is full of white flowers.  I wish I had "smell-o-blog" because they smell heavenly.

 I found this gorgeous photo taken this spring near Fredericksburg, Texas by photographer Hein Nguyen.  Spectacular and I know they smell wonderful.  I won't get to drive through the bluebonnet trail this year because I am leaving Texas spring and headed to snowy Buffalo, N.Y. to have Easter with my grand kids. 

What I have been painting this week

I found some little canvas painting kits at Tuesday Morning for 99 cents so I have been making some little paintings.  The canvasses already had a circle drawn on them so I am making use of  it. My first on is "Goose 'n Moth" at the beginning of this post.  The one I am currently working on will be called "Swan".  I seem to be on a duck and goose trend with these little paintings.

Steps 1 and 2
Step 3 and 4


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Sketchbook Journal


This is my sketchbook. 
 It was a gift from my daughter. 

 I try to put only good drawings or good sketches in it, not my usual really nasty planning drawings. 
You know what I mean?  The scribbles one makes when one tries to get the eyes and arms all in the right place and it takes several draw overs to get it right.

Photos used, 1and 2 magazine photos. #4 credit, #5 courtesy Rich German
 So far I have been pretty good at keeping to this plan.  But lately I have been inspired to try drawing some city scenes like the great drawings I see at Virtual Sketchbook.    

 This is my first attempt using one of Kate Powell's photos from the Laguna Beach virtual sketch walk.  I was drawn to the pattern of the tree trunk, the arches and the blue canopy.  Not too bad on the tree but the building is "cattywumpus",  meaning "all bent out of shape".

My third attempt is drawn from a photo in the Haight Ashbury virtual walk folder.  This one does show some improvement.  Once again the tree is the best.  I am much better at drawing live things.  

                          Reddit Photoshop battle/muaagelianus    
After four attempts, (we don't need to look at the second and fourth drawings) I was losing my patience and confidence.  To feel better I had to draw something to regain the joy of drawing.

 Baby 'possum.
Awwww, that's better.

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Wearin' of th Green

Everything is turning green right in 
 time for St Patrick's Day.  We moved into our new house in the winter and all the trees were brown or bare.  This month the oak tree
in our back yard has burst into  beautiful green leaves.  Of course there is a good share of pollen too but it is all worth it.

In the park where we often go to walk the grounds are green and there are some little trees that are bursting with white jasmine like blossoms.  I saw these flowers at a nursery.  I have never seen anything like these. 
 What brilliant magenta and purple in each blossom.  Fantastic.

I love spring. 

Little green man, a Leprechan

And the Top o' th ' Mornin to 
Is everyone going green on  Thursday?  Green beer, green lights and green t-shirts so you don't get pinched.  Being a horse lover ever since my childhood, my favorite Irish spirit is the Pooka.  "Puca" means ghost or spirit in the old Irish language. It is a shape changer and can take on many animal and even human like shapes. Pooka is most commonly pictured as a wild back horse who rampages the countryside trampling crops and causing other mischief.  I have two interpretations  of Pooka.

This is a digital manipulation  made from a photo that I took of an old carousel house way, way back when I was in college.

Join us at Paint Party Friday.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Just For Fun in My Sketchbook


Gipseefire's Weekly Challenge presented her followers with a challenge to draw a character from a story or movie etc in steam punk garb and setting.  What fun!  I could not resist dressing Daenerys Targaryn up in a steam punk outfit and giving her a weird steampunkish weapon.

My daughter gave me a sketch book last Christmas and I am trying to fill it with lots of I hope good pen and pencil sketches.   


Daenerys is number four in my sketch book.  This one is number two.


April    Snooping around and found this  wonderful blog Altered Book Lovers and it's drinks challenge.   The little file cabi...