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I have a new pet.  She is really sweet though somewhat self conscious about her unusual and often scary appearance.  I found her one day in a trash can having fallen in there while chasing a racoon. Even though she has little wings they are not really functional so she was quite trapped.  Who can resist those big blue eyes.  I took her home and we have been friends ever since. 

OK, so I am not a great fantasy writer, never said I was.  After surfing the blogs I found Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty and a blog hop called Caturday Art . Some of the photos were digitally enhanced and I could not resist.  
Using PhotoShop's liquify  button I turned my really sweet little tiger (seen below in reality) into the charming little blue eyed dragon cat in the first photo.  Moving the color temperature all the way to warm I then gave her some soulful blue eyes using Windows Picture It.

Like I said, just for fun.  

Sorry Gizzy.

Hop over to Caterday to see some nice pet art. Another site for feline fun is Kittypartay


  1. That's really creative and your little 'tiger' is beautiful!

    Thanks for joining our blog hop :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  2. oh purrific artsy kitty wif wings! Fun to find someone else who still uses Picture It! Mom loves Picture It... so easy to use. Wish we had a version that didn't require XP. Purrz, from Katie Kat and thanks fur stopping by on Saturday.

  3. Moomm! you forgot to signs my name... You am Katie Kat and I am Katie Kitty Too! mol.

  4. LOVE the art and the kitty :)

  5. Awww, both the art and actual kitty are lovely and I enjoyed the story too!

  6. That is creative, thank for linking this to Feline Art Friday, hope to see you back:


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