Caturday for 4/9

Some Old Stuff

I have absolutely no new artwork to show this week. I have a huge case of spring fever. Anyway, I went way back in my files to see what might be interesting.  I taught elementary art for a few years.  For the third grade class I taught a little unit on pointillism.  This is an example of the Cheshire Cat that I made to spark their interest.  I thought it would be great for Caturday art.

And for Stunning Keisha' Bloopers I found a photo of my furries that fit that theme. 

 To keep the dog out of the cat food, they learned to politely eat on the counter.

The blog hop
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  1. HAH! They eat at the counter. Wonder if they'd like a window seat. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I've never seen the Cheshire Cat done in pointillism before! Lovely!! :D

  3. Wonderful cheshire cat! It would make a great poster!

  4. I just love the vibrant colors on your Cheshire Cat! ♥

  5. Cute cat and such polite table manners! :-)

  6. I missed you last week and kept meaning to come back and the week flew by. Glad I did this is an awesome pointillism. Love how vibrant and colourful he is with a bit of Cheshire madness in his smile!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I know I tried commenting before, but my comments always vanish in the nirvana :( But I really like your cheshire cat!

    1. So glad your comment came through this time Claudia. Thanks!


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