Friday, November 11, 2016

The End of October

Paint Party Friday

I took part in the Inktober event last month
 and I actually finished it. 
 I found that I actually enjoyed drawing with pen. 
 I had always been afraid to because 
there is not much room for error
 but with a light pencil layout
 I found that a nice drawing was possible. 
 So, here they all are. 
Bear with me while I explain them a give credit where I can.

Some were inspired by suggested Inktober themes.  
The second one was "Collection".  The third one 
was "Hungry" and the fourth one was "Hidden".

 This is "Noise", "Sad", "Stone", "Broken", and the last one 
is from a photo of a puma statue that I took at the zoo,

Only one here was made to a suggested theme.  
The first was "Jump", the second is a sketch I thought 
I might make into a painting but didn't.  
Three was made from a photo taken by 
an online friend, Barbara King. 
Number four was a sketch for a watercolor 
and last was made from a photo that I took.  
Love sailboats but have not been able
 to draw one that looks like I want it to.

 Number one and three were drawn from photos found in Virtual Sketchwalk  
The second was from the suggested theme list "Broken" 
and the last one is copied from my 
most favorite childrens' book, "Half Magic".

First "What You Find on the Sidewalk" 
 from my own collection of photos.
 Second a *vulture from a photo I found online.
 Three and four are from photos found on
 "Virtual Sketchwalk" and last the UT Austin tower 
from a photo taken by my daughter.

Another photo from "Virtual Sketchwalk".
A little prickly *hedgehog and a old *fisherman's cottage.
A little Pegasus based on a photo from 
"Horses Are Beautiful" and last, Happy Halloween 
based on a vintage photo found on "Fog Walking".
*None of these drawings were sold.  They were only for my own practice and for my blog.

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