Saturday, February 18, 2017


My version of an alien horse inspired by the movie "Avatar". 
 Acrylic under painting with details in colored pencil.

These two were done with the inspiration of Olga Furman. 
 I am taking her course "Paint Your Heart and Soul". 
 The theme was "Butterfly Dreams". 
My first one went way beyond the lesson but I love it. 
"Dawn" pulling away the night moon and stars.
For the lesson, we were supposed to use a vintage photo.
I used one of my mother when she was very young.

A drawing in graphite pencil, Ebony pencil and colored pencil 
of the lovely Helen Murin. 
I used a photo from the cover of AARP to draw this.   
Guess I gave my age away with that confession.

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Monday, February 6, 2017


A week of faces for  28 Faces in February 

A freckled boy with a very suspicious expression drawn with charcoal on a page painted with tinted gesso.  The splotches are made by sprinkling water drops on the wet paint.  After it dries, the page is blotted with a paper towel with removes the drops and the still wet paint under them.
Frida Kahlo, daring


drawn in charcoal on a white page that I washed with tinted gesso.


Bearded football player drawn with Ebony pencil and colored with colored Prismacolor pencils.

Who is he?

Steve Jobs, intelligent

Steve Jobs drawn with black and white charcoal on heavy brown paper from a grocery sack.  I love drawing on that stuff.


Indira Gandhi drawn with Ebony pencil on a page splashed with tinted and thinned gesso. 

I am feeling burned out so I loosened up.  A couple of scribbled drawings.  The "Medicine Woman" was drawn with in on a page my grand children had "drawn" on.  Thus we have a scribble on a scribble.  The second is a man with a very angry expression drawn with Sharpie pen on my fave, the grocery sack.

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Friday, February 3, 2017


I almost missed this and I am so glad that I did not. 
 I have only done one face so far
 but I hope to catch up soon. 

This one is part of a larger painting on canvas. 
 I wish it was on paper because
 I like it better cropped like this.  
The dandelion on the left is real. 
 I found it in my yard
 and is not part of the painting...yet.

 Now I am up to date, almost.


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