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I like change.  If you have followed my blog posts I suppose you have noticed that my blog theme tends to
change.  It's fun to play around with the background and colors.

So now we are transitioning from rainy gray days to almost summer here in the northern part of the globe. In my mind, I attach the color pink to May.  When I was a kid, we celebrated May Day by making paper baskets and filling them with flowers.  We would hang the baskets on the door knobs of people we loved.  The most common flower to find for the baskets were primroses.  I guess that is why I think of pink in May.

 I am still working with the ideas and inspiration from Olga Furman and "Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017".
This is the painting that inspired my blog title.

Acrylic on canvas

A painting inspired by another spring wildflower, dandelions and dandelion fuzz blowing in the breeze.

 Acrylic on canvas

 And oh those balmy spring nights with a full moon, 
winking fireflies and the  fragrance of roses 
on the evening air. 

A Little Night Magic 
Acrylic on canvas board 
 Enjoy these spring days friends.
They are short and sweet.


  1. Beautiful paintings. Pink is a good colour for May, that's true. Have a great weekend, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Really nice posting. Have a good weekend

    much love...

  3. such beautiful paintings and a lovely ode to Spring. Happy PPF!

  4. Oh wow these are just stunning. Each one has magik.

  5. Fran, your art is outstanding...gorgeous!!!
    I love dandelions even when they are all balls of fluff :)

    Happy PPF and Happy Spring~

  6. Hello Fran, Your art sparkles. I love the feeling that comes across in each piece. Happy PPF!
    ~~ Irene

  7. Beautiful paintings. Those roses are perfect. And I love that last picture :-)

  8. Oh such gorgeous paintings here! Love them!

  9. Your paintings look good on the new background. I think I will change mine now. Thanks:-)


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