First Week of June

Unusual Friendships

This piece was inspired by a video I saw on Facebook.  A mother cat that had just had kittens adopted a clutch of baby ducks.  The video showed the little duckling even trying to nurse like their feline siblings.  So cute.

"They're Mine"  12x12 acrylic

"Siren"  9x14 inches acrylic

This piece began as an experiment with a new process I have seen called "pouring".  Liquid acrylic is basically dumped from a cup onto paper or canvas.  I had to take it a couple of steps further.  Using the idea of the watery appearance of my pour, I painted the siren with flowing hair.
"Wisdom Keepers"  12x12 mixed media, acrylic and pencil on heavy brown paper

Olga Furman's class "Painting Your Heart and Soul" posted this theme for last week.  I chose to draw portraits of four contemporary women that I would call "wisdom keepers".  Upper left former first lady Michelle Obama, center Malala Yousafzai, lower left US supreme justice Ruth Ginsburg and lower right Dr. Jane Goodall...and friend.

Here is one corner of my messy work space and my critic who is wondering why I don't clean up my mess and feed her.

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  1. wonderful fantastic are the paintings!
    Greetings Elke

  2. Hi there Fran. Totally loving all your art - you've been incredibly productive too.
    "They're Mine" is so very sweet, with a delightful background story.
    I really like what you did with pouring the acrylic and "Sirens" is gorgeous.
    Well done on the portraits too - you are truly wonderfully creative with the way you use the pencils and acrylics! I like your workspace too, it's definitely a happy space. Cheers now and Happy PPF!

  3. Such beautiful artwork Fran... I don't know were to start. The story of the adopted ducklings and your drawing is so cute, especially that yawning kitten. He's obviously not bothered about sharing his mum. It's gorgeous. The also loved the acrylic pouring technique and how you created the sirens to enhance it. So imaginative and talented.
    You're portraits are brilliant too. I am always in awe of anyone that can paint a portrait.
    Thanks for sharing and I wish you a wonderful weekend. Happy PPF too :D

  4. Hi Fran! What a fun post this is! I love your art this week. - the cats and ducks are wonderful and the pouring technique looks interesting. I enjoyed seeing your workspace - it's always so much fun the see where people create. Happy PPF!

  5. "They are mine" is too sweet and thoughtful! I have seen 'pouring' too and waiting to try it myself. The 'Wisdom Keepers' is awesome...loved the title too! Your work space looks super along with that little critic of yours. :)

  6. Wow, this is gorgeous! I love the cat and the kittens and the small ducks! what a lovely story also. the pouring seems quite fun, I have never tried it, and the lady and her hair is very lovely! Your portaits are awesome, I reckognized Malala before I read it.

  7. By the way, your cat is similar to mine :) Same look and fur.

  8. Wonderful art, the first one is fun. Always fun to have a glimpse of someone's art studio.


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