Here is what I have been doing this week besides watching the weather forecasts to see where the brunt of our first tropical storm was going to hit. We were lucky here in the Houston area.  Our rain was  not torrential.  Not so for the Eastern Atlantic states.

Continuing to work on a whimsical acrylic style with cats and animals, I made another "unusual companions" painting.
In My Garden
Acrylic on multi media paper

And I changed my rather plain "Siren" into a under the sea fashion plate.  Hmmm, which one do you like?
"The Mermaid's Mirror"

Who has some pieces of trimmed paintings or some that only have parts that you like?  I had a lot.  So I had some fun with them and made a collage. It reminded me of a gallery so I added some people.

Linking up to Paint Party Friday.
Check it out and keep on painting, or drawing 
or whatever floats your creative boat.


  1. What a super-beautiful post filled with so many gorgeous artworks! I adore that sweet cat and little snail..awesome!
    Happy PPF

  2. Hello Fran, I love your garden painting - so very sweet and whimsical :D)
    Also your additions to The Siren are lovely.
    I thought that was a beaut touch, making the collage into a gallery... it really fits. Cheers, Happy PPF!

  3. Your cat and snail painting is superb...whimsical! Loved the additions to the siren, looks even more gorgeous! And the gallery one is the best shot!!

  4. Gorgeous kitty and I love the siren. :)

  5. Wow! Your "gallery" collage is stunning! What an awesome use of old paintings. The cat and snail is such fun. Happy PPF

  6. OH WOW, the plant in the pot is Sansiviera. I have it in my garden. Good job.

    Much love...

  7. What a great idea. This turned out so good.

  8. Love that sweet cat and all its companions! And I really like how you reworked Siren. It's much more intense...

  9. The cat looks as though he's making friends with the sweet!! Wonderful evolution of siren too!! Great idea putting those people in as though looking at an art wall!! Very imaginative!! Beautiful work!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Wonderful paintings! I love the kitten lying there! The Mermaids mirror, all three are lovely, but if I have to choose only one, then it's the one in the middle.


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